Bordeaux restaurant daily offers you delicious meals to enjoy taking it in a restaurant with a modern colored design with wonderful Bordeaux color ,or on the outdoor terrace in the open air.Bordo provides you with meals throughout the day you can taste breakfast in the morning open Buffet or savoring the various meals and international food on lunch or dinner.


If you want to entertain and experience our argheleh and our Eastern and Western meals, Welcome in "Summer Lunch", and also we invite you to experience the diverse drinks under the tent. the summer lunch bar offers you a wide variety of drinks and international Cocktails in Absolute professionalism, you can enjoy it and the wonderful sunshine around the large swimming pool. enjoy the most wonderful atmosphere in the "Summer Lunch".



Kahwet Al-Sit: an unique oriental experiment rich with the most delicious oriental foods within great atmospheres take you to the past to taste the legacy and to make you have a great unforgettable impression. Kahwet Al-Sit provides you all you want of Fatteh Shamieh an other delicious public foods with an amazing taste of past and amazing taste of Syrian legacy, just to let you live the past .. by the past's flavor



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Mobile:+963 (95) 1600 030

Landline:+963 (43) 631 970

Landline:+963 (43) 2001

Tartus, Syria on Latakia Highway


  • Wonderful resort,excellent hospitality, very fancy.

    Bader Aldeen Shalati

  • Mind blowing, best days in my life

    Faize Al Hamimi

  • Frankly, very wonderful spent the sweetest 25 days and will come next year for sure ... competes world-class hotels

    Nihal Halabi

  • Finest Hotel, and sweetest atmosphere

    Lolete Alkhalili

  • meticulously implemented and the results were spectacular by any measure..

    Rany Khazem

  • Wonderful and beautiful resort, everything in it is special, wish you success and prosperity.

    Gharam Younes